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What diet to follow with Mounjaro?

What to eat and what to avoid.

When starting a new medication like Mounjaro, primarily used for weight management, it's essential to consider how your diet can support your health and treatment goals. Combining Mounjaro with the right diet can enhance the effectiveness of the medication and help you achieve better results. This guide will explore the recommended foods to eat, foods to avoid, and how integrating the PrivateDoc weight loss programme, including its free meal planner, can assist you in your journey.

Mounjaro Diet

While Mounjaro does not interact with specific foods, your dietary choices can significantly impact the medication's effectiveness and your overall well-being. Adopting a diet that complements your treatment can make your weight loss journey smoother and more successful.

What to eat when using Mounjaro

When taking Mounjaro, focusing on a balanced diet rich in nutrients that support stable blood sugar levels is crucial. Here are some recommended food categories:

  • Whole Grains: Choose whole grains like quinoa, oats, and whole wheat. These have a lower glycaemic index and provide sustained energy.
  • Lean Proteins: Incorporate lean meats, fish, and plant-based proteins like lentils and chickpeas. These foods keep you full for longer and support muscle health.
  • Low-Glycaemic Fruits and Vegetables: Opt for berries, apples, carrots, and leafy greens, which have minimal impact on blood sugar levels.
  • Healthy Fats: Include sources of healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil, which can help maintain heart health and satiety.
  • Fibre-Rich Foods: Fibre aids digestion and helps control blood sugar levels. Beans, legumes, and vegetables are excellent sources.

Foods to avoid when using Mounjaro

Certain foods can hinder your progress by causing spikes in blood sugar or by not aligning with healthy eating practices. Here’s a list of foods to limit or avoid:

  • High Glycaemic Fruits and Vegetables: Avoid pineapple, watermelon, mango, overripe bananas, potatoes, and sweetcorn.
  • High Sugar Foods: Stay away from sweets, biscuits, cakes, and fizzy drinks. These can disrupt your blood sugar management.
  • Fried Foods: Foods like burgers, sausages, fried eggs, chips, and bacon are often high in unhealthy fats and can cause nausea or discomfort when taking Mounjaro.

Can you drink alcohol whilst taking Mounjaro?

It's advisable to limit alcohol intake while on Mounjaro. Alcohol can increase the risk of low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) and may also interfere with the weight loss effects of the medication.

Is Mounjaro suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, Mounjaro is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You should focus on plant-based proteins and ensure a balanced intake of nutrients, recipes within the PrivateDoc weight loss programme can be modified with plant-based alternatives.

Free meal planner – compatible with Mounjaro

To effectively manage your diet while taking Mounjaro, consider using the PrivateDoc weight loss programme. This programme incorporates your prescribed treatment with a meal planner and coaching plan at no extra cost. The planner focuses on nutrient-dense, low-glycaemic foods that align with the dietary recommendations for Mounjaro users. By following a structured meal plan, you can ensure that you're eating the right foods in the right proportions to support your weight loss goals.


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