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  • Adeel Arshad

    Adeel Arshad

    MPharm, PIP - Pharmacist Lead Clinician GPhC Number 2070294

    Adeel Arshad brings a wealth of expertise as a Lead Clinician at PrivateDoc. His journey in pharmacy began 15 years ago, and throughout his career, Adeel has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing patient outcomes. His extensive experience encompasses various facets of pharmacy practice, including community pharmacy, clinical governance, and digital healthcare solutions.

    At PrivateDoc, Adeel ensures that each patient receives the highest standard of care. He is passionate about integrating the latest healthcare advancements into everyday practice, thereby improving both access and effectiveness of treatments. Adeel's approach is characterised by a blend of clinical expertise and empathetic patient care, making him a trusted figure among both his colleagues and patients.