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Introducing the PrivateDoc Patient Portal

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The PrivateDoc Patient Portal offers our customers a fast, simple and easy way to keep track of their treatment plan and progress. The patient portal is free to access via your treatment plan, but you will need to be a PrivateDoc patient.

  • Get the most from your treatment plan
  • Recieve guidance from our GPs on your treatment
  • Keep track of your dosing schedule
  • Update your diary to monitor progress
  • Book 1-1 video sessions with your prescriber
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At PrivateDoc, our patients are always our priority & we want to support you through your weight loss journey every step of the way. That’s why we’ve created the Treatment Plan which enables us to guide and monitor you through your treatment.

Once you sign up for a treatment with us, you’ll be emailed your access to the PrivateDoc Patient Portal where you’ll be guided through your treatment. Here you can let us know when you’ve started your medication, track your dosage and watch video content and advice from your prescriber.

The treatment plan is designed around you, with helpful widgets guiding you through the necessary steps.

The patient portal can also automatically be linked with your fitbit to enable auto updates of your weight. If you’ve not got a Fitbit you can still keep updated with a simple impot of your details as your weight changes and you progress through your treatment.

Using the treatment plan allows us to celebrate the wins with you, and offer support when it’s needed. Achieve key milestones and we’ll add the trophies to your progress & celebrate with you. If you fall off track or need a little more help - we’re only a few steps away.

If you’re looking for a supportive, effective way to stay on track with your treatment, the PrivateDoc patient portal is for you.

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