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Sirtfood Diet

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Learn about how PrivateDoc can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Buy the PrivateDoc Sirtfood Diet Guide and transform the way you eat today.

When it comes to successful weight loss, nothing is more important than the food you eat.

This guide will help you make simple yet effective changes to ensure you are set up for a successful weight loss journey. It can be used alone, combined with or after your prescription weight loss treatment.

We joined forces with Sirtfood Dietitian Glen Matten to bring our patients a diet programme which can be used in addition to treatment.

Glen Matten has an MSc in Nutritional Medicine and has transformed the health of thousands of patients over 15 years of clinical practice. His extensive training and deep experience enables him to offer highly effective expert nutritional advice and his roster of clients includes sports stars (Conor Mcgregor), celebrities (Adele) (Lorraine Pascal) and global CEOs. Glen continues to work in close collaboration with a number of medical doctors in the Functional Medicine field.

Glen has worked with us to develop the PrivateDoc Sirtfood Diet which offers patients a complete guide to the Sirtfood diet, it’s principles, nutrition, weight loss tips and an example 7-day diet plan.

Once you have learnt the principles of the Sirtfood diet these can then be implemented to create your own menu, live healthily and continue to thrive. After completing this guide you will have a better understanding of nutrition, what to eat, why to eat it and when.

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