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Our clinical team

PrivateDoc is happy to introduce you to some of our leading UK licensed clinicians who will be supporting you through your weight loss journey. When you’re treated by a doctor on the PrivateDoc platform, you’re not just being cared for by one individual, but by the entire team of experts that have carefully vetted every aspect of your experience. Our mission is to make high-quality healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone

Medical advisory panel

  • Dr Alexandra Phelan

    Dr Alexandra Phelan

    MBBS MRCGP- GP Medical Director GMC 6150198
  • Dr Nitin Shori

    Dr Nitin Shori

    MBChb LLB – GP General Practitioner GMC 6047293
  • Adeel Arshad

    Adeel Arshad

    MPharm PIP Pharmacist Independent Prescriber
  • Claire Hughes

    Claire Hughes

    MPharm Pharmacist
  • Dr Deiven Selvarajah

    Dr Deiven Selvarajah

    Independent GP Consultant