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Weight Loss Drugs

Weight loss drugs UK

Weight loss drugs have hit the headlines recently with new clinical trials taking place on the drug 'Semaglutide' which was found to help participants lose up to 20% of their weight, but it is still not yet legally licensed in the UK. Did you know there are already of range of weight loss drugs prescriptions that can be prescribed to help manage obesity and reduce weight to a healthy range? We explore common questions about what’s out there and how it could work for you.

29% of people in the UK are obese - a figure which is increasingly on the rise and whilst we know of the health benefits of losing weight, it’s not always that easy.

That’s where weight loss drugs by prescription come in. Some registered online pharmacies are able to offer weight loss prescription drugs to those who meet a distinct set of criteria - but beware as many companies within the industry are un-regulated or operating illegally. To avoid falling into the trap of an unlicensed provider who will then not give you the care and attention prescriptions of this nature require, always look for the providers' certifications such as MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency), The CQC (Quality Care Commission) & The General Pharmaceutical Council License.

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What is a weight loss drug prescription?

Prescription weight-loss drugs can be issued as part of a weight management treatment plan by licensed providers. Weight loss drugs are typically issued as a last resort when diet and exercise alone haven’t worked to manage weight. Weight loss drugs come in a variety of different forms, from tablets to weight loss injections. Examples you may have heard of include, Saxenda, Mysimba, Orlistat & Xenical. These weight loss drugs all work in varying ways to either reduce appetite or reduce fat absorption, leading to enhanced weight loss when combined with diet and exercise.

At PrivateDoc we offer a free weight loss consultation which will help us to understand more about you and which type of prescription we feel might be most effective. This consultation with one of our GMC registered Doctors is a crucial step towards you achieving your weight loss goals, as we will get to know you to tailor your treatment plan.

Who are weight loss drugs by prescription for?

To be eligible for weight loss medication you will need to speak with one of our GPs for us to understand whether you meet the criteria. If you have previously tried and failed to lose weight from diet and exercise alone, we’d advise getting in touch to see if we can help you reach your weight loss goals with a tailored weight-loss treatment plan specifically for you.

Which weight loss drugs actually work?

This is a good question, though difficult to answer as because results vary between patients - what works for one person may not work as well for you. At PrivateDoc we are a licensed online digital health clinic, all our prescriptions have been through rigorous testing to be licensed for use in the UK and have proven to be effective in numerous clinical trials. 85% of patients using prescription weight loss medication, lose weight.

If you are interested in finding a suitable treatment plan for you, simply complete the online consultation to get started today!

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