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New obesity drug that suppresses appetite could reduce weight by up to 20 percent

Introducing Semaglutide

A new drug which works by suppressing appetite ( a similar response to our current weight loss programmes) has been found to reduce bodyweight by up to 20% in major international trials.

An average of 15kg was lost, during a study of 2000 participants over 15 months on the new obesity treatment. Participants have hailed the drug ‘life-changing’.

Semaglutide is already used by patients with type 2 diabetes and has been submitted for approval for obesity treatment.

The use of weight loss drugs to help fight obesity works by regulating hunger which enables the user to adhere to a calorie restricted diet.

In the data published in The New England Journal for Medicine, lead author, Professor Rachel Batterham from UCL's Centre for Obesity Research, said: "The findings of this study represent a major breakthrough for improving the health of people with obesity.

"Three quarters (75%) of people who received semaglutide 2.4mg lost more than 10% of their body weight and more than one-third lost more than 20%.

Losing weight was also seen to reduce other risk factors associated with obesity such as blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Where can I get the new obesity drug?

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