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Walking for Weight Loss

Weight loss infographic

When we think of exercise, we often think of slogging it out on a long run, or lifting heavy weights at the gym, but when we strip it back to basics, exercise can be as simple as a daily walk!

We often recommend walking to our patients on weight loss treatment plans because it's so accessible, costs nothing and can be done almost anytime, anyplace!

Can I lose weight just by walking?

The short answer is - yes! Whilst the bottom line of weight loss will always be calories in vs calories out and you must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight; walking can help increase your overall energy expenditure. Here at PrivateDoc we always recommend our weight loss patients take up a walking routine as it is the easiest and most accessible form of exercise to all. Gently ease yourself in and work yourself up to a faster, more challenging pace for the maximum burn! Why not start our 4 week walking challenge here.

How much should I walk a day to lose weight?

Typically you’ll find most weight loss programmes (and the NHS) recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Obviously the more time you have available to exercise, the better!

Remember even 15 minutes around the block is more than you would do sitting behind a desk, or chilling on the sofa. Something is always better than nothing and we all need to start somewhere.

How many calories can I burn from walking?

Below are estimates for a variety of weights and walk speeds. Ultimately it’s difficult to pin down an exact number of calories burned without having a tracker unique to you. Your weight, height, effort & speed & route all play a part in your calories burned. For example 15 minutes uphill will certainly burn more than 15 minutes of flat walking, however the calculations below are good to use as a guideline and help you work out how fast you want to aim to walk.

  2.0 mph (3.2 kph) 2.5 mph (4.0 kph) 3.0 mph (4.8 kph) 3.5 mph (5.6 kph) 4.0 mph (6.4 kph)
  Calories per hour
150 poundslbs (68 kg) 190 204 238 292 340
180 poundslbs (82 kg) 230 246 287 353 451
210 poundslbs (95 kg) 266 285 333 401 475
240 poundslbs (109 kg) 305 327 382 469 545
270 poundslbs (123 kg) 344 369 431 529 615
300 poundslbs (136 kg) 381 408 476 585 680

Should I try walking to help me lose weight?

Yes! Absolutely, whilst it’s not the quickest burner of calories, it’s easy to fit in, a great form of cardiovascular exercise and will get your body moving, which is exactly what you need to help you lose weight. If you want to make it harder, try carrying a weight with you, walking further or taking your walk uphill!

How to motivate yourself to go out for a walk:

Finding the motivation to go for a walk can be tough, we can often talk ourselves out of things, or make excuses that it’s not convenient. The best way to stay motivated is to hold yourself accountable, decide when, where and for how long you’re walking, write it down and stick to it. Download or create a walking playlist, or perhaps an audiobook or podcast you’ve always wanted to read. Allocate the time in your diary and block it out so you’re unavailable for other things. Holding yourself accountable by tracking your steps is another great way to motivate yourself to get up - and many step counters will give you a little nudge when you need to get up too!

Whatever your current fitness levels - walking will help give you a boost. It’s free, everyone can go at their own pace and it really has a big impact. Still undecided? Give this article on the benefits of walking a read.

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