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4 Week Walking Plan

Weight loss infographic

As part of #WalkthisMay we’re encouraging everyone to get walking, get active and start reaping the benefits.

To take your walking up the next notch we’ve developed a 30 day walking challenge for you to take part in for our challenge this month.

Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
15 minutes walk 15 minutes walk 20 minutes walk (aim for 1 mile) 20 minutes walk Off 30 minutes walk 35 minutes walk
40 minutes walk (aim for 2 miles) 40 minutes walk 45 minutes walk Off 50 minutes walk 55 minutes walk 60 minutes walk (aim for 3 miles)
Off 65 minutes walk 70 minutes walk 75 minutes walk 80 minutes walk (aim for 4 miles) OFF 90 minutes walk
95 minutes walk 100 minutes walk (aim for 5 miles) 110 minutes walk Off 115 minutes walk 120 minutes walk (aim for 6 miles) Rest!

You can also download this handy four week walking challenge schedule here to help you on your journey.

This simple month long walking challenge will have you increase your daily walks from 15 minutes to 2 hours! Don’t be intimidated once you get started the time really does fly by and you’ll build yourself up as we go along.

Whatever your current fitness levels - walking will help give you a boost. It’s free, everyone can go at their own pace and it really has a big impact. Find out more about the benefits of walking in our article here

Over the next couple of weeks, set this as your challenge, tick days off as you progress and use this guide to help build your willpower and stay on track!

The walking challenge is all about building healthy habit changes, but in a way that is accessible to everyone and doesn't cost anything - unlike personal trainers or expensive gym memberships!

All you need is some suitable footwear and time put aside each day to achieve your goals.

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