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Saxenda Starter Pack Unboxing

Our process is easy; simply complete an online consultation with one of our friendly UK based GPs, have your medication selected & approved and then work your way through your treatment plan on our PrivateDoc Patient Portal, with regular check-ins & video guidance, dosage tracking & more.

The Saxenda Starter pack is perfect for new users with a guide on how to use Saxenda injection pens & access to your own online PrivateDoc treatment plan which will tell you how long a Saxenda pen lasts and when to increase your Saxenda dosage.

The Saxenda travel wallet is discreet and compact making it easy to take Saxenda with you whenever you’re on the move, with a sharps bin included for your safety.

Starter pack £179

Our UK registered doctors support your weight loss efforts with fully personalised treatment plans to suit your lifestyle. We keep our process as simple as possible, with no hidden extra charges.

Our starter pack contains the following:

  • 3 Saxenda pens
  • Travel wallet
  • Welcome guide
  • 40 Needles
  • Sharps bin
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