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Top tips to boost your step count

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Today’s article is all about simple swaps to help maximise your movement and get your step count up. We know that walking has huge benefits on our physical and mental health, so every step you take really does count.

1. Track

The best way to increase your step count is to track those steps! It’s amazing how much of a difference being held accountable makes. Even just a basic pedometer will do the trick, letting you know roughly how many steps you’ve hit. Seeing it in black and white is a great way to motivate yourself to get moving! If you’re looking to lose weight these trackers can also really help you monitor your daily movement, sleep and calories burned - All of which affect weight loss!

2. Get up, stand up!

Sedentary time is on the rise, with the average working adult in England spending about 9.5 hours a day seated, it’s becoming more and more important to get up and shake it off as often as possible. You should aim to stand up, stretch off your legs and have a walk around at least once an hour, this can be the coffee run, a trip to the loo or even just a walk around the room. Prolonged sitting has been linked with a 112% increase in the risk of diabetes, a 147% increase in the risk of heart disease, and a 49% increase in the risk of death, but remember this is simply a behavior - and behaviour can be changed! It’s all about creating healthier habits.

3. Take the stairs

It’s a simple solution but one we often overlook out of habit, a simple switch from taking a lift or elevator vs taking the stairs can add hundreds of steps to your count. Some sources even claim that you burn to calories for every stair climbed!

4. Walk to the furthest bathroom

Getting up to the loo is something we all need to do, so why not try and use this time to add in a few more steps, walking to the furthest bathroom whether you’re at home or in the office is another way to sneak some extra steps in. Even better still, would be to drink more water - so you do more trips to the bathroom too!!

5. Take a walk round the block

A simple as it is, you just can’t beat a quick blast round the block for upping your step count. A blast round the block is great for those short on time, or even those who need to multitask - why not take your next phone call around the block, walk and talk!

6. Park further away

Another obvious one, but not all journeys can be swapped for walking, so if you do need to drive, opt for a space further away from the destination and enjoy a walk on route!

7. Move around the office

Working at a desk in an office is one of the worst offenders for decreasing your step count and maximising our sedentary lifestyles. Next time you need to speak to a colleague, why not try walking to someone's desk instead of emailing.

8. Walking meetings

Another work related tip, why not suggest to a colleague that you make your meeting a walking one? You can even bring a voice recorder if you’re worrying about missing something you might have usually taken down in notes! Not only does it help boost your step count, walking has been shown to be beneficial for creativity - so you might get a more productive meeting too.

9. Walk instead of drive or switch to public transport

If you can walk instead of drive it’s always a win, for your bank balance, step count and the environment… but we know that’s not always possible. Have you thought about public transport...walking to a bus stop/ train station & either end of your journey can massively help increase your step count and keep you standing for longer too.

10. Get a dog

A sure thing for increasing your step count, getting a dog means you’ll have to walk him/her at least a couple of times a day. Combine that with all the playing and fussing and your step count is going to rocket! Dogs are the best walking buddies, they are man's best friend after all.

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