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Tips for skin care in the sun

A good skincare routine will support your skin year round- but it’s particularly important in summer with additional stressors on the skin such as sweat, UV rays and sun lotion. Read on for our top tips for summer skin care from our team of GPs and dermatologists.

Use SPF to protect your skin

The skin on your face is more sensitive and needs to be included in your sun care routine to protect it from damage due to sun exposure. Sunscreen minimizes the amount of UV rays which penetrate the skin, which can trigger pre-existing skin issues as well as cause sun-damage, premature aging and melanoma.

When selecting an spf for the face we recommend looking for 30+ SPF protection and also ensuring the product is non comedogenic so it does not clog pores and cause or irritate other skin issues such as eczema or acne. This should be re-applied routinely throughout the day to maintain protection from sun exposure.

Light weight and gently cleansers

As humidity increases, you’ll want to switch to your summer skincare routine. Just like you switch from a winter to summer wardrobe, dress your skin for the weather. Heavier products should be swapped for gentler foaming options, try to avoid cream and oil and opt for gel in its place. This will help to prevent your skin becoming clogged with heavy products and humidity.

Double cleanse when it’s humid

During warmer months, rising humidity can cause an increase in sebum and oil production which leads to spots and irritation. You should aim to be cleansing your skin twice a day but we also recommend double cleansing your skin in the evening; this will ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and all excess dirt and make up are removed before you sleep. Keep you bed linen clean to ensure the pillowcase does not affect your skin.

Don’t skip moisturising

Despite rising temperatures, sweat and extra oil products making you feel like moisturise is the last thing you need - it’s still really important. Keep your face hydrated and protected with a light-weight formula which also contains SPF for extra protection.

Wear non comedogenic makeup or go barefaced

Non comedogenic simply means it won't clog your pores and allows skin to breathe, which is better for your skin year-round, but particularly in summer when even those who usually have good skin can suffer. The best option for keeping your skin clear is to avoid make-up altogether and go bare-faced, but understandably this can be difficult.

Keep your face in the shade where possible

The skin on your face is more delicate than elsewhere and also more prone to show signs of aging from sun damage. Keeping your face in the shade avoids damage from the sun but also helps keep your face cooler which can reduce the amount of sweat potentially causing spots and irritation.

Be extra cautious if you are taking medication

Beware of medications that can make your skin more sensitive to the sun - always consult your GP or prescriber if you're unsure. Lots of the active ingredients in skin care products and treatments can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, but also other medications such as antibiotics and blood pressure medications - so make sure you check if you’re unsure and always err on the side of caution.

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