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Erectile trouble
in your twenties?

We often hear of erectile dysfunction in older men, however, it’s often perceived as somewhat more of a taboo subject in younger men, but if you're experiencing difficulties it’s best to get it checked out early, so we really need to normalise the conversation.

A 2019 study looked at erectile dysfunction rates over the last 25 years and found that rates are doubling, with up to half of men under 50 have experienced issues. With so many men experiencing these issues it’s important not to feel embarrassed to ask for help.

A third of men in their twenties experience erectile difficulties.

The study found that 35.6% of men aged 18-25 have the condition and 30.7% of those aged 26 to 40.

Did you know? 11.7 million men in the UK have said they struggle with sex. It’s an issue for men of all ages, not just older men.

The greater the understanding is that erectile dysfunction is not just for older men, the less taboo the subject will become. We hope that a greater understanding will lead to more men coming forward, as this is a normal and treatable issue.

Erectile Dysfunction in young men

So what has caused this rise in erectile dysfunction? It has been suggested that alcohol, smoking, and being under the influence of drugs could be partly responsible.

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a term used to describe issues with getting or maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse. The term is broad and covers a spectrum of issues ranging from occasional erectile issues to being completely unable to get an erection.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are a multitude of reasons a man may experience erectile dysfunction, both physical and psychological.

Taking the first step and seeking helo is the only way a GP will be able to help identify the causes of the difficulty and prescribe a treatment moving forward. Whilst this can feel like it is an intimidating experience, it really is simpler than you think and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Physical causes of ED range from; heart problems, diabetes, obesity to hormonal disorders.

Psychological causes range from stress, to addiction, trauma, or drug abuse.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The good news is that ED is treatable in most cases with prescription medication.

We know ED can be a sensitive matter, but our team of doctors will help you feel relaxed and find the right solution for you. To speak with one of our doctors today, complete our online consultation.

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