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How much does Rizatriptan Orodispersable cost?

Rizatriptan Orodispersable costs from £19.99

Rizatriptan belongs to a class of medicines called serotonin 5-HT1B/1D receptor agonists. Rizatriptan Tablets are used to treat the headache phase of the migraine attack in adults.

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What is Rizatriptan Orodispersable?

Rizatriptan Orodispersible tablets treat the headache phase of your migraine attack. Treatment with Rizatriptan Orodispersible tablets reduces swelling of blood vessels surrounding the brain. This swelling results in the headache pain of a migraine attack.

How do I take Rizatriptan Orodispersable?

Rizatriptan tablets are used to treat migraine attacks. Take Rizatriptan tablets as soon as possible after your migraine headache has started. Do not use it to prevent an attack.Rizatriptan tablets (rizatriptan benzoate) dissolve in the mouth.

  • Open the Rizatriptan tablets blister pack with dry hands
  • The orodispersible tablet should be placed on your tongue, where it dissolves and can be swallowed with the saliva
  • The orodispersible tablets can be used in situations in which liquids are not available, or to avoid the nausea and vomiting that may accompany the ingestion of tablets with liquids.

If migraine returns within 24 hours:-

In some patients, migraine symptoms can return within a 24-hour period. If your migraine does return you can take an additional dose of Rizatriptan tablets. You should always wait at least 2 hours between doses.

If after 2 hours you still have a migraine:-

If you do not respond to the first dose of Rizatriptan tablets during an attack, you should not take a second dose of Rizatriptan tablets for treatment of the same attack. It is still likely, however, that you will respond to Rizatriptan tablets during the next attack.

Do not take more than 2 doses of Rizatriptan tablets in a 24-hour period, (for example, do not take more than two 10mg or 5mg orodispersible tablets in a 24- hour period). You should always wait at least 2 hours between doses.

For further information and dosage please see the patient information leaflet

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