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How much does Finacea 15% Gel cost?

Finacea 15% Gel costs from £24.99

Finacea 15% Gel contains azelaic acid which is an effective topical treatment used to treat acne and rosacea.

The recommended dose is to rub approximately 2.5 cm of Finacea gel into the affected skin areas twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Before you apply Finacea, clean the skin thoroughly with water and dry. You may use a mild skin-cleansing agent. Wash your hands after applying the gel.

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How to use Finacea 15% Gel

Finacea Gel should be used in accordance with your prescriber’s instructions.

The gel is usually applied twice daily (in the morning and the evening) and rubbed in gently to the affected area. 2.5cm of the gel (approximately 0.5g) is enough to cover the entire facial area.

Before applying the gel, the affected skin should be thoroughly washed with plain water and dried (a mild skin-cleansing agent can be used). Dressing or wrappings should not be used to occlude the area and hands should be washed thoroughly after applying the gel. Care should be taken to avoid any contact with the eyes, mouth or other mucosal membranes. Any contact should be washed with large amount of water immediately. If irritation persists, medical advice should eb sought straight away.

If your skin becomes irritated, treatment should be reduced to once daily until the irritation ceases before increasing back to twice daily. You can also reduce the amount of gel applied at each dose. In some cases, treatment may need to be stopped for a few days.

Due to the facial skin being highly sensitive in rosacea patients, other products which are likely to cause irritation to the skin should eb avoided during treatment with Finacea gel (e.g. soaps, cleansers, tinctures, etc.)

Depending on the severity of the condition, the duration of treatment will vary from patient to patient. Results are normally apparent after 4 weeks of use, with most patients requiring several months of treatment to achieve the best results. If there is no improvement after one month of treatment for acne or two months of treatment for rosacea, or if the skin becomes severely irritated, then treatment should be stopped, and alternative options discussed with your prescriber.

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