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Adeel Arshad

Authored on 24 January 2024 by Adeel Arshad,

Reviewed 24 January 2024 by Dr Ruch Karunadasa.

Betnovate Scalp Application

Cream medication

A scalp application containing betamethasone which helps to reduce swelling and irritation associated with certain scalp problems, such as psoriasis or dermatitis.

Medication effect duration

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Skin treatment

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Betamethasone valerate 0.122% w/w

Full list of excipients (patient information leaflet)

What conditions can Betnovate Scalp Application be used for

Betnovate Scalp Application can be used to treat scalp psoriasis and dermatitis which is likely to, or has in the past responded to, steroid treatment.

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How to use Betnovate Scalp Application

Betnovate Scalp Application should be used in accordance with your prescriber’s instructions. Steroid based products help to reduce the inflammation and redness associated with many common skin conditions.

For Betnovate Scalp Application, it is recommended you apply a small amount to the affected area of the scalp in the morning and at night, until you see an improvement. Once the symptoms settle then it may be possible to reduce the frequency to once daily or even less.

In children over 1 year old, the treatment should be limited to 5 days. In the elderly is there is the risk of delayed excretion of any systemically absorbed corticosteroid. Therefore, in this population group, treatment should be with the minimum quantity and for the shortest duration of time required to achieve the desired clinical response.

For a full list of indications, read the Betnovate patient information leaflet.

Who cannot use Betnovate Scalp Application

Betnovate Scalp Application should not be used by –

  • Any patient who has a known allergy to any of the ingredients.
  • Children under the age of 1 year old.

Caution should be taken when treating children and patient with renal/hepatic impairment. For a full list of contraindications and cautions, read the summary of product characteristics.

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding

There is limited data about the use of betamethasone in pregnant females. Topical administration of corticosteroids in animal studies have shown to cause abnormalities in the unborn foetus.

The relevance of these studies to humans has not been established and therefore the use of Betnovate Scalp Application in pregnant females should consider the risk to the unborn foetus versus the potential benefit to the mother. If treatment is started, then this should be with the minimum quantity required and for the shortest duration.

Again, it has not been established if it is safe to use topical corticosteroid during breastfeeding. There is no evidence to show whether topical administration results in enough absorption to allow detectable levels of corticosteroid in breast milk. Again, treatment should only be started if the benefit to the mother outweighs the risk to the baby. If used during breastfeeding, then Betnovate Scalp Application should not be applied to the breasts to avoid accidental ingestion by the infant.

Side effects

Although Betnovate Scalp Application is generally well tolerated, a small minority of patients may experience some side effects from the treatment. These can include –

  • Opportunistic infections
  • hypersensitivity reactions
  • Application site irritation
  • Blurred vision

A full list of side effect can be seen by clicking here for the patient information leaflet.

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