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Here we can see how erectile dysfunction effects the UK as whole. London being the countries capital is not surprisingly one of the highest populations at risk of ED. In the North of England, there is a clear cluster of cities, with Manchester most at risk.

When you bear in mind “there are over 4 million men in the UK suffering from ED” it is hardly surprising to see such a wide spread.

Lifestyle factors such as how happy you feel or financial stress, could play a big part in the diagnosis of ED. Alcohol, smoking and a high BMI have all been known to be factors in causing erectile dysfunction. Other factors such as age, the medication you are on or recent injuries could also cause impotence.  Also worrying about ED can actually cause the issue to continue.

Some Of The Myths Surrounding Erectile Dysfunction

ED Only Effects People Over 60 – While age can play a factor, with over 4 million men suffering, it is important to note that men of all ages can still be affected.

ED Is A Reflection Of Sex Drive Or Manhood – Unfortunately, there is a false stigma surrounding ED, that it is a reflection of masculinity. This is a common misconception and is often not related to sex drive at all but other medical conditions.

ED Is Not Related To Other Health Conditions – Wrong! There are a whole range of reasons why someone may be at risk of ED. These range from physical health conditions, to some of the physiological health conditions listed above.

Can Medication Help?

There are a range of oral drugs which can help with erectile dysfunction. These include Viagra, Cialis, Sildenafil and Vardenafil. Speak to your GP or one of our consultants to discuss your options.

What Should You Do If You Are Worried?

The first thing to do is get help! Speak to your partner or doctor. Changing lifestyle habits such as cutting down on smoking or drinking could help, or if you under pressure from stress or anxiety counselling could help. If you are uncomfortable with speaking to your partner why not speak to one of our consultants now.