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How much does Femodette cost?

Femodette costs from £22.99

Femodette is a monophasic 21-day contraceptive pill containing the active ingredients ethinylestradiol and gestodene. It helps to make it harder for the sperm to penetrate the womb and to reduce the chance of a fertilised egg implanting in the womb.

One tablet is taken every day for 21 days and you then have a seven day break from pill-taking.

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Can I take Femodette?

PrivateDoc will prescribe a 3-month supply of Femodette contraceptive pill to women where Femodette is suitable. Women qualify for Femodette if:

  • They have been taking Femodette for the last year.
  • They have had no problems with Femodette in the last year.
  • They have had a face-to-face pill check-up for their contraceptive pill in the last year.
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