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Weight loss

Weight loss coaching is the key to effective weight loss

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Weight loss accountability coaching

Weight loss is a complicated and emotive topic. Some people never struggle with their weight whilst others are in a constant battle with the scales at the expense of their health and well-being.

It can be a lonely place when you need to lose weight and often family and friends aren't the people you can rely on to help you make the changes to lose the weight and keep it off.

You're certainly not alone and the statistics show than an increasing number of us are now categorised as obese or overweight.

At PrivateDoc we do things differently. We recognise the clinically proven benefits of weight loss coaching and we can provide that friendly voice that will keep you accountable to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Accountability coaching to suit you

Caroline Marshall

Weight loss coach

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Would you benefit from Weight loss coaching?

  • Have you been struggling to lose weight for a number of years?
  • Do you feel that your health is being impacted by your weight?
  • Are you always on a diet or trying a new weight loss programme with little or no success?
  • Is your weight stopping you from doing things you love?
  • Is your self confidence being effected by your current weight?
  • Would you like to work on a way to lose weight but still enjoy the things you enjoy?

Weight loss coaching

Coaching is a proven methodology to improve performance. Top athletes all have coaches. Business leaders and entrepreneurs often have success coaches that work with them behind the scenes to help them improve performance and deliver results.

The science is in, and coaching is proven to work for weight loss too. It's just as much about mindset as it is about diet and exercise.

At PrivateDoc we want you to succeed in losing weight and we have delivered life changing results for 1000s of patients through our medicated weight loss plans, often supported by coaching. We can't guarantee success and weight loss results vary between people, but what we can guarantee is that you can lose weight if you commit to a programme of diet and exercise where you burn more calories than you consume. It sounds easy, but this is where weight loss coaching comes in.

Your weight loss coach can be your personal cheerleader or the strong voice to remind you why you want to lose weight. Its about finding a balance that works for you. Family and friends are sometimes too kind, or actively discourage a person's weight loss, through their own behaviour negatively impacting your results.

Through weight loss coaching you will work on strategies to understand your motivations, triggers and develop coping and accountability plans to keep you on track throughout your journey. We provide a tailored service that is designed to work with you rather than force you into a model that doesn't fit your needs and aspirations.'

Weight loss done well. Good weight loss is done slowly, not via crash diets that leave you starving. Having the appropriate mindset and expectation setting at the outset, is key to setting consistent goals that can be achieved.

Our coaching programme

Our tailored programmes address all aspects of life that may be preventing you from getting the results you deserve. This is a holistic programme designed around you to help facilitate behavioral change.

This isn't an off the shelf plan of information, its experience of success applied specifically to you to get results.

How we start..

  • Clearly identify why you want to lose weight
  • Setting your expectations for success
  • Short term goal setting for long term wins
  • Why hasn't this worked before?
  • Coping strategies for when mistakes are made

How we continue..

  • We celebrate the successes
  • We look at whats working and what could be better
  • We "double down" on the effective tools to drive even better results

How we finish..

  • We recognise that we have reach our target
  • We look at strategies to maintain results
  • We celebrate our successes

Frequently asked questions weight loss coaching

  • Will I be expected to starve to loose weight?

    Crash diets or starvation diets are never a good thing. Our bodies require fresh calories each day to work properly and the best way to achieve this is with a balanced diet of between 1400 and 1800 calories per day.

    We lose weight through a calorie deficit; and this is best achieved through a shallow gradient of more calories used than consumed which means the body needs to fall back to fat reserves to make up the difference and burns fat.

  • What is the most effective thing in weight loss?

    Simply put, the trend is your friend! If you are losing weight over weeks and months you are on the way to improved health and a normal BMI of between 19 - 24.9.

    When we are losing weight we should ignore the scales between the days and only focus on weights over weeks and months. This is because our weight varies by each day, depending on levels of hydration and digestion.

    Do not allow the scales to ruin your weight loss efforts by misleading on your weight fluctating over a short period of time.

  • Are weight loss coaches really tough on you?

    Your weight loss coach will not be shouting at you if you do not achieve your results or you deviate from your plan. But they will be there to remind you its happened and they will work with you to try and stop any further "slip ups"".

    Weight loss is difficult and so is sticking to the best laid plans, your coach will be that friend that isn't soft on you and keeps you accountable.

  • Will you develop a weight loss coaching plan that is specifically for me?

    Weight loss coaching is holistic and personal process. Best results are achieved through the development of a personalised plan that focuses on the individual.

    At PrivateDoc our coaches use a coaching formula that is then tailored to the individual and delivered in a way that works for you. This may be through a regular call or a more adhoc methodology, it really is that personal.

Meet our team

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