Priligy Reduces Anxiety of Premature Ejaculation

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Priligy - Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Priligy can reduce the anxiety, frustration and distress that premature ejaculation (PE) can cause, even though this condition is the most common sexual function issue that affects men. It’s predicted that one in five men are suffering from the condition, however common, the effects are no less destructive, premature ejaculation can lead to mental health… Read more »

Male Hair Loss Tablets and Treatment

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Hair loss tablets and treatment UK

The NHS states that over 50% of men in the UK will suffer from hair loss by the time they reach the age 50, with the most common reason being male pattern baldness or to use it’s more technical term, androgenic alopecia. At PrivateDoc we can offer treatment and hair loss tablets that can help halt… Read more »

New Year Resolutions, A New You?

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Lose Weight or Quit Smoking as your New Years Resolution

New Year Resolutions, it’s that time of year again, that you may be considering making some lasting changes when the clocks strike midnight on December 31st, when you’ll wave goodbye to the old you and bring in a more committed and strong-willed version. Ensure you pick goals that are achievable and easy to stick to and… Read more »

Are you Ready for International Men’s Day 2016?

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International Men's Day 2016

  Doesn’t time fly? It only seems like 5 minutes ago that we had the last International Men’s Day and yet a whole year has passed. There are many celebrations and events taking place throughout the world and locally on 19th November 2016. Today there is even a debate in the House of Commons about… Read more »