WIN a Magnitone Lucid by Pixie Lott!

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Magnitone Lucid – Limited Edition by Pixie Lott

PrivateDoc are giving away a Magnitone Lucid – Limited Edition by Pixie Lott.   To enter, simply click the link: 2 cleansing modes, Deep Clean & Sensitive More gentle & effective at cleansing than handwashing Active Electromagnetic Technology with 10,000 pulsed oscilaitons p/min Facial cleansing timer with 20 second zonal and 1 min auto-stop… Read more »

The 2011 NHS Viagra Bill

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In 2011 Viagra cost the NHS c. 80 million pounds, with the overall cost of erectile dysfunction (impotence) treatment likely to be substantially more, however Viagra is not available to all patients on the NHS. Whilst 80 million pounds may seem like a high cost, it is insignificant to the overall annual cost of the… Read more »

Normal Erections with no need to plan your sex life

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For most men with Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction), the condition can be managed through the use of impotence treatments, and whilst these medications are effective it does require more planning on when to have sex. For many men this imposes an unwelcome change to their sex lives, removing the spontaneity of just having sex whenever the… Read more »

Is buying prescription medication online safe?

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Online clinics are becoming a popular alternative to seeing the doctor, find out how to use online clinics safely, when to use them, and what to look out for. For many of us the way we bought goods and services 20 years ago is now unrecognisable when compared with the convenience we enjoy today by… Read more »

The Dangers of fake medicines

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Online fake medicines

You wouldn’t dream of giving fake medicines to a child or a much loved pet! So why do so many people risk their health and lives by buying counterfeit medicines online? The unfortunate truth is that the victims of counterfeit medicines do not appreciate what they are letting themselves in for. In China 100,000 people… Read more »