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Smoking comes at a cost, with an even higher cost to your health, but how much do smokers spend on a habit they could well do with without?

For many years it has been a well-known fact that smoking is bad for your health, and in recent years government legislation has imposed restrictions on where smoking is permitted in public places. The price of cigarettes has continued to rise to in an attempt to deter smokers, but people continue to smoke and threaten their health.

How much does smoking cost?

Smoking is an expensive habit that can really hurt your finances as well as your health. On average smokers get through 14 cigarettes per day. This means that the average smoker spends £5.00 day on cigarettes, equating to £1,800 pounds per year.

Assuming you saved the money you spend on smoking over the course of 30 years, if you sum the annual cost of smoking and apply interest at 4% per year, the relative cost of smoking for an average smoker could be over £100,000 pounds.

Lost productivity

Smoking is a serious addiction that affects the health of your respiratory system, and studies have shown that smokers are more likely to be absent from work that non-smokers. The common cold can be exacerbated through smoking, with recovery times extended through the irritation smoke can cause to the lungs.

Even for smokers who are not frequently absent, the overhead of smoking can have an effect on productivity at work and perceived effectiveness at work. Heavy smokers require frequent smoking breaks that when summed up, can represent significant opportunity costs to employers.

Smoking damages your personal possessions

Not only does smoking damage your health, it also damages your possession with resale values of houses, cars and almost anything effected if they come from a smoking home. It is no surprise that you see references to “Smoke Free Home” on many listings on eBay.

A car that has been exposed to smoke has a resale value of 10% less than the same car that has not been affected by smoke fumes.

The cost to your home of smoking could be much more with soft furnishings and carpets being the most affected by smoking and nicotine staining.

Your hygiene and vanity is affected by smoking

Your appearance is affected by smoking, with the most damage done to your teeth and gums. The effects of smoking on your skin can lead to premature aging with the smell of smoking lingering on your person and effecting your interactions with others.

All of these factors contribute to increased personal costs in trying to mask the effects or remediate the damage. Common costs are teeth whitening, skin care products and cleaning costs, all of which are avoidable and indirectly caused through smoking.

There has never been a better time to quit!

The majority of smokers will have considered quitting smoking, or have previously tried and failed. It is not surprising that for smokers who are seriously addicted to nicotine the process can be a struggle.

Smoking is a costly habit, and it is seriously bad for your health. The severity of smoking on your health is evident in the cost of Life Insurance being 50% – 100% more expensive for a smoker than a non-smoker of the same age.

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