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For most men with Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction), the condition can be managed through the use of impotence treatments, and whilst these medications are effective it does require more planning on when to have sex.

For many men this imposes an unwelcome change to their sex lives, removing the spontaneity of just having sex whenever the mood takes them or their partner.

“I have to do all this planning, it’s not like it used to be and I miss that”

Steve A.

A new approach, for a reliable and safe return to normal erections

Cialis (tadalafil) has long been referred to as the weekend pill as the effects can last up to 36 hours as opposed to 4 hours from the effects of Viagra.

Cialis (tadalafil) Once a Day brings a new freedom to men that want the spontaneity back in their sex lives with no need for planning. The Cialis (tadalafil) Once a Day still works in exactly the same way as normal Cialis but is intended as a more regular treatment than the on demand solutions that Viagra, Levitra and stronger Cialis provide.

A lower dosage, taken daily

Cialis (tadalafil) Once a Day is daily treatment that is provided in a much lower dosage which means there is a greatly reduced chance of experiencing side effects, and combined with the longer lasting effects of the medication when the moment comes, you’ll be ready.

“I can respond to my partner naturally without having to stop and take a tablet first”

Anton R.

Cialis (tadalafil) Once a Day is becoming a popular choice for men who have been long sufferers of impotence and its action is not affected by meals. For many men it alleviates all symptoms of the condition and provides a much valued return to a normal sex life and spontaneous erections without the planning.

PrivateDoc – Cialis (tadalafil) Once a Day on prescription

If you have been suffering with Impotence, and are dissatisfied with the need to plan your sex life and take tablets to enjoy normal intercourse, then Cialis Once a Day on prescription could be a suitable alternative for you.

PrivateDoc offers a FREE consultation service with a UK GMC Registered doctor, and as part of this service you can request medication that you would like to use for the treatment for Impotence.
The doctor that is reviewing your case will always make sure that treatment is appropriate, and will only allow you to have access to medications on prescription that are safe for your use.

If you haven’t used our service before, please be assured that our service is 100% legal and regulated in the UK by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Click to register and begin a consultation.