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Online clinics are becoming a popular alternative to seeing the doctor, find out how to use online clinics safely, when to use them, and what to look out for.

For many of us the way we bought goods and services 20 years ago is now unrecognisable when compared with the convenience we enjoy today by using the internet. Business models have been transformed and convenience and choice delivered to us via a web browser. The range of services available is vast, from online banking through to having groceries delivered to your door. But should we invite this convenience into our health lives? Is technology a suitable replacement for seeing your GP?

Online Clinics

Medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have popularised the use of online clinics with many legitimate clinics operating and providing online consultations for common conditions such as Impotence, weight loss, hair loss and smoking cessation.

For every legitimate clinic there are many more that are illegal and are not regulated. In some cases medicines are dispensed without consultation and in extreme cases the medicines provided are generic medicines sold falsely as a market leading brand, or worse still are dangerous substances made to create tablets that resemble the drug the patient wishes to purchase.

PrivateDoc is a legitimate UK clinic, with a team of GMC registered doctors, with all of our genuine medication dispensed from a UK Pharmacy. Our service is registered and regulated with the Care Quality Commission, under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. Click To view PrivateDoc Limited’s registration with the CQC.

When to use online clinics and how to do so safely

An online clinic is not a substitute for seeing a doctor or your GP.
If you have any immediate health concerns or something has changed, you should seek medical advice. Whilst the internet is a fantastic source of information you should proceed with caution on advice given for serious health concerns from blogs or other sources with no credible support.

Online clinics are a convenient means to treat common complaints that are not symptoms of long term illness. Online clinics typically prescribe medications for the treatment of hair loss, weight loss, impotence, smoking cessation and other sexual related complaints. The convenience of these clinics coupled with the discrete nature of the service, is an attractive proposition for many patients. Often patients will know their condition and they are seeking a convenient source for a repeat prescription for on-going treatment.

The most important thing to remember is that the legitimacy of the service provider is a key factor in your patient safety. In addition to this you must always provide accurate and truthful information when asked for details of your health and aliments.

Prescription medications are only available on prescription for a reason; therefore it is of the upmost importance that you only use the medications as directed. Always provide accurate information and only use the medication for personal use only.

PrivateDoc’s discrete service specialises in the treatment of lifestyle conditions, and our service is transparent to all patients. You can confidently use our private consultation service with all consultations reviewed inside of our 12 hour SLA.

Your choice and your health

When choosing an online clinic you should be very careful to check the credentials of the service provider you are thinking of using. If you are choosing your online clinic for safe effective treatment online our guide may help. Our 10 point check is a good way to pick a reputable clinic from an illegal one.

If you have any doubts about your health you should consult a doctor or your GP in person, this is your best option for any concerns and an effective diagnosis can be made.

PrivateDoc’s safe service is 100% legal and regulated. Your health is important, so don’t take risks.