Unwanted or excess facial hair can be an embarrassing problem for many women. Vaniqa is a prescription-only cream which reduces hair growth from the follicles (hair roots), thereby providing a long-lasting solution to unwanted facial hair.

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Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can make your body react in ways which you cannot anticipate. Some women experience sporadic growth of facial hair when there is a hormonal change.  This is often evident on the jawline, under the chin or on the cheekbone.

This condition is commonly referred to as Hirsutism and this is driven by excess androgen production from imbalanced hormones.

Treatment of other health problems may lead to unwanted facial hair, particularly if the medication prescribed contains testosterone, anabloic steroids, danazol and metryapone.

Hirsutism Symptoms

Hormone induced hair growth often has a difference characteristic to the hair than normally grows on a woman's head.  These stray hairs are often much coarser and darker and are particularly noticable if they are growing on a prominent area such as the cheek or chin.

Further Issues

For most women unwanted facial hair is an unwelcome problem and these physical alterations can lead to issues with skin quality and create hygiene issues.  The knock-on effects can be a reduction in confidence and this can lead to self-esteem issues.

Treatment Needs

The majority of women will want to treat unwanted facial hair to prevent any long term issues that it may create.  There is nothing wrong with this and it is understandable if the issue is having an impact on you from a physical and emotional perspective.

At PrivateDoc we are able to provide prescription only treatments for unwanted facial hair.


At PrivateDoc we recommend the treatment of unwanted facial hair with Vaniqa.  Vaniqa is a prescription only medication that is highly effective in the treatment and removal of facial hair.