How to treat Erectile Dysfunction at home

Erectile Dysfunction, ED, is a condition that can affect men of any age. It is not always a permanent issue and may be brought on by a particularly stressful time in your life, an illness or reaction to some medication. However, it is worth talking to your doctor to check that there is not an underlying issue, such as heart disease, that is causing the problem.

Men suffering with erectile dysfunction may experience a reduction in their sex drive, trouble getting an erection and trouble keeping an erection. For these symptoms, there are many treatment options available including medication and surgery. However, there are also alternative options including changing your lifestyle that can help.

Younger man will often visit their doctor to get ED medication without realising that the cause of their problem is due to an underlying health condition such as diabetes or heart disease. Obesity and high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels may all cause erectile dysfunction. Some sleep disorders can cause ED, certain medications, heavy drinking or smoking and of course stress and anxiety.

Suffering from erectile dysfunction will often lead to an unsatisfactory sex life, high anxiety, low self esteem and ultimately relationship issues, including the inability to have any children.

All is not lost however, as studies show that some men are able to reverse the effects of ED with a few changes to their lifestyles. In the meantime, the prescription medications available, from your doctor, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Spedra (avanafil)
  • Viagra (sildenafil)
  • Cialis (tadalafil)
  • Levitra (vardenafil)

We will now take a look at the home remedies that may help to ‘cure’ or reverse the effects of ED. Bearing in mind that there is no actual cure for ED, but it is something that you can certainly manage and possibly reverse with the help of a few changes.

Diet and Exercise

If you have an underlying health condition such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, then getting these conditions under control could be key in regaining the regular function of your penis. All of these conditions affect the blood flow around the body, which includes the arteries feeding the penis, so if your blood flow is poor, you will struggle to get and maintain an erection.

Often these conditions are brought on by a sedentary lifestyle coupled with obesity. So getting these under control is important for your general health. A diet that is rich in fat, sugar and processed foods is usually what is at the base of the problem, along with no exercise.

In order to regain your erection, you need to start thinking about what you are eating. A diet full of heart healthy foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fish, good fats (such as nuts and olive oil), chicken and fruit and low in sugar and processed foods will help you to lose weight and reduce the symptoms of which ever condition you are suffering with. In turn, this will increase the blood flow around the body including to your penis.

Exercise also increases your natural blood flow and will help you to lose weight and regain a healthy sex life in the process. Also, weight bearing exercises help to increase your testosterone levels which in turn will help you with your erections.


Poor sleep can be down to a number of factors including stress. As stress can affect your ED, it stands to reason that when you aren’t sleeping, you are more stressed and may find it difficult to maintain an erection.

Try setting a regular routine to get your body used to when it is time to sleep. Your testosterone levels will improve with the healthier sleep you have.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

Smoking causes vascular disease which means that the arteries to the penis may also become blocked or significantly narrower. Quitting smoking will begin to reverse the effects of narrowing arteries and normal function may return in time.

Alcohol acts as a depressant and can cause a lack of nitric oxide, which in turn leads to ED. This can cause temporary and long term issues.


There are a few medications that may have a negative impact on ED. Certain blood pressure medications may interfere with your ability to get an erection, but it is more likely to be the high or low blood pressure itself that is causing the issue.

The most common medications that reportedly cause ED are antidepressants, diuretics, beta-blockers, heart medication, cholesterol meds, hormones, antipsychotics, corticosteroids, medication for the treatment of male pattern baldness and chemotherapy.

There are others that may also cause ED, and the side effects will be listed on the information leaflet you receive with your prescription. If for any reason you think that your medication may be causing erectile dysfunction, you should speak to your doctor about trying an alternative. Do not just stop taking essential medications without medical approval and supervision.

Natural Remedies

While there is no magic cure, or special potion you can take, there are a couple of things that proved to have some beneficial properties for improving the effects of ED. We would like to caution you about trying herbal remedies without seeking medical advice as some that claim to be helpful may actually have a detrimental side effect.

Two natural treatments that have shown some promise are pomegranate juice and red ginseng. Pomegranate juice is a potent antioxidant and when used in conjunction with other healthy choices can help prevent atherosclerosis. It is believed that ginseng helps to increase nitric oxide production which helps to improve overall blood flow.

Always ask your doctor before taking any supplements as they may interfere with current medications you are taking.

Another natural remedy that some people have found effective is acupuncture. However, research is mixed as to how beneficial this may actually be. It has been found to be of benefit to some men who have suffered ED as a side effect of taking certain antidepressants.


Sometimes ED can be brought on by stress and anxiety. If you have been in a particularly stressful situation, you may need some help to bring your stress levels down and regain control of your emotional wellbeing.

The other problem is that many men feel ashamed, emasculated or even angry when they suffer with ED, this then perpetuates the cycle of stress and anxiety which only serves to worsen the condition.

Feelings of embarrassment and feeling worthless will also put a strain on relationships and may cause them to breakdown over time.

As difficult as it may feel to talk about the problem, it is helpful to speak to a counsellor to help you to work through the issues that are causing you to feel anxious and stressed in the first place. Getting those all important coping strategies in place and building up your mental health is going to help you to relax and hopefully return to a healthy sex life, even if it is with the aid of medications such as Viagra. Even Viagra will not always be effective if you are feeling too stressed before taking it.

Talking things through as a couple, even couples counselling may also be hugely beneficial. Remember that ED affects both people in a relationship, not just the man suffering with erectile dysfunction.

There is Help

Whatever the cause of your erectile dysfunction, the treatments are not always instant and may take a while to have an effect. If you wish to try and get the condition under control through lifestyle changes and/or counselling, you may wish to try taking a prescribed drug, such as Viagra, in the meantime to help you regain some sexual activity.

There is no shame in taking medication to help you achieve an erection. Taking drugs like Viagra can help you to regain your confidence and give you back your sex life while you work on losing weight, quitting smoking or what ever underlying issues there are causing erectile dysfunction in the first place.