How Long Does Sildenafil Last?

Sildenafil is a tablet that is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You should always consult your doctor before taking any form of medication and to determine the cause of ED before taking this treatment.

Sildenafil can be taken as a stand alone treatment or as part of a broader treatment plan for ED. Men that are acceptable candidates for taking Sildenafil will need to meet the health checks. Men who are not taking nitrate-based medication, do not have high or low blood pressure, retinitis pigmentosa, or recent myocardial infarction, or angina, will be considered acceptable candidates for taking Sildenafil.

How Does Sildenafil Work

Sildenafil is an inhibitor that works by facilitating blood flow to the penis. It should be taken approximately 40 minutes prior to sexual intercourse and two hours after eating. Sexual stimulation is still required for an erection to occur. If you have been put on a dose of 50mg, which is the usual starting dose, and you find this ineffective, your doctor may prescribe a higher dose.

What Are the Dosages of Sildenafil

Generic Sildenafil Citrate is available in preparations of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. The usual starting dose for most men is 50 mg.

At 50 mg it is easy to monitor your physical reactions to the medication and address any side effects early in the treatment. Should you find that 50 mg is a highly effective dose, you may be able to reduce it to 25 mg. Likewise, if the results are mediocre at best, then you may be given a higher dose of 100 mg of Sildenafil.

It should be noted that Sildenafil is only to be used by men over the age of 18 and that adjustments to dosage are not required in patients over the age of 65.

Which Dosage Is Best

We would recommend that you stick with the starting dose, usually 50 mg, for a while before attempting to adjust. The reason for this is that there are several factors which can affect the efficacy of Sildenafil Citrate.

Factors that can affect the efficacy include:

  • Sexual stimulation - Sildenafil will only work when you are sexually stimulated
  • Stress - if you are worrying about whether the medication will work, this can affect its effectiveness.
  • What time you eat - Sildenafil should be taken 2 hours after a meal
  • What time you take Sildenafil - It should be taken 40 minutes prior to intercourse.
  • Your weight - it may take longer for the drug to work its way around your system if you are larger.

Adults that have severe renal impairment may be given a lower dose initially of a 25 mg due to the reduced creatinine clearance (<30 mL/min). If this dosage is tolerable but the efficacy is low, then the dose may be increased in increments to 50 mg up to 100 mg depending on need. The same is true of adults who suffer with Hepatic impairment.

There are several reasons why you may decide to increase to 100 mg of Sildenafil:

One is efficiency, if it is not as effective as you would like on a lower dosage, then you may wish to increase to 100 mg. The effects of the 100 mg dosage don’t last longer than the lower dose, but they do have a more profound effect. As side effects are more likely with a higher dose, we would not advise you to use a higher strength than you actually need.

A stronger tablet will give you a better chance of achieving the desired erection that will stay hard enough for you to enjoy sexual intercourse. This of course is the ultimate goal and will help you to feel more relaxed and improve self esteem.

There are so many factors that affect the success of ED medication that they cannot be guaranteed to work every time. As such, it can lead to a lot of anxiety for couples who are already dealing with the frustration of erectile dysfunction. The fear that even with the medication, they may still not be able to enjoy successful intercourse may actually cause the medication to be less effective. A higher dose can act as a positive psychological stimulus by increasing the confidence in a positive sexual encounter.

The Timeline of The Effects of Sildenafil

When should you take Sildenafil?

The timing of taking the treatment is extremely important as you need to know when you will be able to have intercourse and how long for. If you have a special occasion planned or a limited schedule, you will need to know with some degree of accuracy, how and when the effect will take place.

The biggest factor that effects when the drug takes begins to work is when you eat in relation to when you take it. The concentration of the drug if taken without food is at its peak after one hour, however if you have eaten a meal prior to taking the Sildenafil, then this peak time can be delayed to two hours.

As Sildenafil is a one-off treatment, you don’t need to build it up in your system for it to take effect.

When will it start working?

Following several studies, it has been found that some men reported achieving an erection as quickly as 12 minutes after taking the tablet.

On average, most men say they start to feel the effect after 27 minutes.

The maximum concentration of the drug will be in the system after one hour, this concentration in the bloodstream may increase by up to an hour if taken after food.

When does it wear off?

After 4 hours half of the drug will have left the bloodstream. At this half-life is where the drug usually stops being effective. Most sellers of the drug will cite 4-6 hours as the average window on a 50 mg dose of Sildenafil. This means that you will have full potency during that time.

Some men have reported that they are still able to achieve a satisfactory erection after 10 hours. However, the erection is not likely to last as long at this phase in the cycle.

After 24 hours, your system will be virtually free of any trace of the drug and it will no longer be effective for erectile dysfunction.

The amount of time you will achieve a good result will depend on how quickly your body absorbed it and how much sexual activity you have engaged in during the time. The more active you are, the more difficult it becomes to maintain an erection even with a full dose in your bloodstream.

As with all ED treatments, sildenafil will not give you an erection for the entirety of the period it is in your system. Your erection will go down as normal after ejaculation. The tablets simply allow you to achieve an erection when sexually stimulated.

Side Effects

Most side effects from taking sildenafil are very mild, if any at all. Some of these side effects may include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision and other visual disturbances
  • Hot Flushes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion

In rare cases a patient may experience an allergic reaction such as swollen face, lips, tongue or throat. You may also experience difficulty breathing, pain, tingling, numbness of the face, neck, jaw or chest or break out in hives. Should you experience any of these symptoms we would advise you to seek medical attention immediately.

In Conclusion

Sildenafil should reach its maximum effectiveness within an hour of taking and will take effect faster on an empty stomach. Once it has begun to work you will have between 2-6 hours to enjoy the full effect.

It is a drug that will only take effect once you have been sexually aroused and your erection should go down as normal after ejaculation.

The effects will wear off completely within a day and taking more than the recommended dose will not change that. You should always follow your doctors advice and only take what you have been prescribed.

If you experience any adverse side effects, including priapism (an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours), you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Sildenafil is a temporary treatment for erectile dysfunction designed to have a short term effect.