How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?

The short answer to this is that Erectile Dysfunction is a lot more common than you may think. There is also not just one classification of ED, there are multiple levels to it.

Erectile dysfunction may refer to impotence, the inability to get an erection, but it also covers problems in maintaining an erection for the duration of intercourse as well as unsatisfactory intercourse due to lack of firmness.

Another thing to consider is that ED can be a one-off occurrence, a temporary state or a more permanent condition.

So with that in mind, it is worth noting that there is a large portion of men that have suffered at some point during their lives regardless of age.

Although the incidence of ED increases with age, reportedly between 15 and 25 percent of men age 65 years or older suffer with it, it doesn’t have to be an issue. The causes in older men are often due to physical issues such as side effects from medications, illness or injury.

The older you get you need more stimulation and time to get an erection, but you should still be able to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Leading Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Heart disease, high or low blood pressure, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), diabetes, hormone imbalance, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cancers are just a few of the diseases that can be responsible for causing ED. If you suffer from any of these conditions then talk to your doctor about ways they can help you to deal with ED.

We highly recommend you talk to your doctor if you have ongoing problems with erections as you may have an underlying condition you are unaware of that is the root cause.


The penis is a lot easier to injure than you may think. A vigorous session with a misplaced thrust can cause a rupture in the corposa cavernosa, (the elongated erectile chambers that run through the length of your penis). This then leads to damaged tissue and elasticity that the corposa needs to get an erection, which can cause impotence.

It is not just sex that can damage your penis though, there are injuries that can happen during sports, and every day activities. So if you do knock your penis, hurt it in any way, you should get it checked out just in case you have caused more damage than you realise.


Stress is a common cause of ED, if you are particularly stressed about work, money or home life, you may find it difficult to get an erection. It is far easier to get an erection when you are in a relaxed and happy state.

Getting anxious about whether or not you will be able to perform because you have had an issue before will also feed into the inability to get an erection. Try taking the pressure off and just enjoy exploring your partner without worrying about the end result.

If you are suffering with depression or anxiety, it is advisable to talk to someone and work on the issues. Often when you have talked through the problem, even if embarrassed at first, you will feel better and confidence will start to return as will your erections.


If you are overweight and inactive, you are at a higher risk of suffering from ED.

Poor diets rich in processed, fatty and high sugar foods are not conducive to a healthy sex life. Think of it like this, if the food you eat is bad for your heart because it causes arteries to narrow and blood flow to be reduced, then it is bad for your penis because it causes the arteries that feed the penis’s blood flow to narrow and lose function.

Exercising increases blood flow to all areas of the body, so even walking for as little as 2 miles a day can have a dramatic impact on your overall health.

Quit smoking if you smoke as smoking is one of the leading causes impotence, as is alcohol and drug abuse. Drinking in moderation is fine, but binge drinking or daily alcohol consumption at a high level can lead to liver damage and have a negative impact on your erections.


Some medications carry the side effect of ED. If you think that medication you are taking may be the cause of your ED, then talk to your doctor. You may be able to try an alternative medication, or your doctor may prescribe you Viagra or another treatment to help you enjoy a healthy erection once again.

Known Statistics

Before we give you the figures, it is important to bear in mind that there are men out there suffering with ED in silence. This is usually down to embarrassment as it is a very personal and often misunderstood condition. Men who suffer with ED will often feel emasculated by the condition, or ashamed by it. Hopefully seeing the figures will help you to realise that you are definitely not alone and it is a lot more common than you think.

Approximately 50 percent of men in their 50s and 60 percent in their 60s have suffered with mild erectile dysfunction and 26 percent under 40 suffering from mild ED. Surprisingly, half the men under 40 reportedly also suffered from severe ED while only 40 percent of the older men suffered severe ED.

Overall there are roughly 43 percent of men aged between 18 and 60 in the UK suffering from impotence. Four out of ten of those men blame stress, 36% blame tiredness, 29% anxiety and 26% cite alcohol as the cause.

Research has revealed that the largest affected age group is men in their thirties. With 50% of British guys in their thirties admitting to having problems in the bedroom. Compare this to 42% of men in their 40s, 41% in their 50s and 35% under 30s who reportedly suffer with ED.

Unfortunately more men would rather separate from their partner than admit to having a problem and discussing it with them. Erectile Dysfunction is causing such a strain on relationships that it has caused many men to lose confidence with partners. ED is also a growing cause of mental health issues.

The research conducted also revealed that 31% of men affected in their 30s have obtained viagra from their doctor, compared to 17% in their 40s. However, more than half the men in their 30s would rather send their partner to get the medication from the GP on their behalf.

19% of men who are affected by ED in their 30s will buy viagra online as they feel it is a less embarrassing service. Britain has become the first country in the world to sell viagra without a prescription, which has made it easier for some men to purchase as they generally find it uncomfortable to discuss with their friends or doctors.

In Conclusion

There really should be no shame about suffering from ED and it is a very common condition in todays highly stressful world.

A lot more men than you realise are also suffering the effects of ED and if it was more openly discussed it would lead to more understanding and less feelings of shame or embarrassment.

There are so many different reasons to suffer from ED and equally many different ways of dealing with it. If you are suffering, we advise you to seek help from your doctor to check there is no underlying medical condition that is causing the problem.

Your doctor will be able to advise you on the best course of action that will suit you, whether that is taking medications such as Cialis or Viagra, changing your diet or therapy sessions. There are many different ways that ED can be treated and it is not always a permanent condition, so talk to someone who can help you figure out the best way for you to deal with it and start enjoying sex once again.